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Hello, Bonjour, Salut!

My name is Brooke, and I'm the face behind Brooke Ridener Photo.

I thought it would be a fun, new addition to combine my blogging skills with my photography business! My hopes are that you'll be able to visit this blog more often in order to catch up with me, see any of the latest behind the scenes from your favorite shoots, or just to simply immerse yourselves in a wholesome read.

I decided to start this first post off by introducing myself, and what a better way to do that than by taking a day to step in front of the camera? I feel like I owe that much to you, my new and returning friends! My amazing boyfriend and I partnered up with my extremely talented friend Nicole of Nicolette Ivy Photography this past weekend, and it was the most fun I've had in a while. Efren and I were a couple of goofball, jokesters the entirety of our session. We even made Nicole cry a few times from laughing so hard. My favorite sessions are the ones where nobody takes themselves too seriously, because what's a shoot without a couple of funny faces and a good belly laugh? What I've found in my time in the photography community is that we can be a competitive bunch, but my personal happiness and creativity resides in connecting and learning from others. There's so much I feel that I have to give to the world, and I think there's a lot that the world and my clients can give to me. It's so nice to have fellow, like minded individuals to bounce ideas off of. Being in front of the camera has allowed me to experience what you as the models, are experiencing first hand. I love being able to take every step available in order to put myself in your shoes. I want to craft my lifestyle sessions to be the most natural and personal experiences possible. Without further ado here's some things I learned about myself during this shoot along with a few random facts for funsies:

1. I've been passionate about photography since I can remember. My dad owned a little BMX team in Texas growing up, and by chance I always ended up with the job title of MC or Camera Woman. Outside of my childhood, I've been photographing and editing professionally for about six years now.

2. My second passion and love in life is music. One of my favorite things to photograph aside from portraiture is live music.

3. One thing doing this shoot with Nicole taught me is that you can't be too serious or too silly for that matter. Just because you show up to model doesn't mean everything has to be staged. I live for those organic, decisive moments.

4. Flowers and dirt don't always feel as great as they look in the photos, but we all know it's worth it in the end.

5. Efren and I met at Warped Tour in 2019. He was working the merch stand, and I asked him if he had any Sleeping with Sirens T-Shirts right before telling him how beautiful I thought he was. The ongoing joke is how I'm essentially "The Girl at the Rock Show."

6. I would like to expand my photography career in the hopes of some day traveling around the country in a van or bus. I live for life experiences, and I think that definitely shows in the portraits that I capture.

7. Nicole's current mindset and strategy along with how she directs coupled shoots has inspired me to expand my horizons, and given me a different perspective on working in a group setting.

8. (Possibly the most important of all) Sometimes you just have to take a random Sunday to put on a full face of makeup and spin around in a field of flowers with the love of your life.


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